Sustainable Fashion Bloggers

Thanks to Instagram, the blogging world is booming and bigger than ever. As an image-reliant platform, fashion bloggers, especially, are reaching social media stardom for their wardrobe choices and styling tips. And within just fashion, there’s so much variety. Want that cool mom closet? There’s a blog all about it. You’re more the outdoorsy type? There’s one for that too. How about a blog on achieving that trendy street style? I guarantee it’s out there. Here at GreenEarth Cleaning, we see ourselves as part of the sustainable fashion industry. While the manufacturing process is what most people associate with the movement, how a garment is cared for after it has been purchased has just as much of an effect on the planet. Most exciting to us is that there are bloggers who are speaking up about sustainability in the industry and sharing their ideas for improvement. Below, we’ve highlighted a few we’re following along with when it comes to environmentally conscious fashion.

Conscious Life & Style

Chicago-based Elizabeth brings a broader scope to her writing, incorporating mindful living practices with her ethical brand finds. She often shares points for more responsible travel as well. The fact that her subject matter is so diverse is actually what drew me to the blog in the first place. There’s always a new aspect of sustainability you probably hadn’t thought about before. And her holistic thinking inspires you to apply the same outlook to maybe some aspects of your life that aren’t as green as they could be.

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It’s #SlowFashionOctober ? and I’m celebrating by wearing and supporting incredible slow fashion brand and Conscious Style partner, @sunday.west ? ~ . . Ensuring that the piece was ethically made (unless it was thrifted) is an absolute must now for me before I bring in a new piece to my closet. And working with @sunday.west, I know that it’s Kim ~ the owner, designer, and jack of all trades ~ making every piece herself! How cool is that? . . I know that she’s carefully constructing each piece (I can tell by the fantastic quality of this dress!) and that each piece is made with intention and passion (I can tell because she shared her story on the Conscious Life & Style blog!). There are no questions about who made the piece or how it was made. . . THIS is fashion I can feel good about. ♥️ ? Now I’d love for you to tell us: why do you support slow fashion? . . #ConsciousStyle #Partner #SlowFashion

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Ethically Kate

Kate Hall lives, breathes, and probably dreams sustainability. Currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand, she and her husband live a zero-waste lifestyle. You can tell her passion for the environment started with fashion, though. Her enthusiasm about the subject leaves you just as enthusiastic, even if you’re entirely new to the world of ethical style. It has to be one of the most refreshing things to see someone’s love for their work carry over into an end result. Reading “Ethically Kate,” it honestly can be somewhat difficult to remember that living consciously isn’t our society’s norm…yet.

The Un-Material Girl

From fast fashion addict to slow fashion activist, Leah’s volunteer trip to Brazil inspired her now minimalist lifestyle. While the Brisbane local does write well-informed on the topic, probably my favorite part of this blog is that she’s also still learning. A soon-to-be Branded Fashion Design graduate from the Billy Blue College of Design, her own upcycled creations using scrap fabrics are the entries that keep me coming back for more. She talks the talk and walks the walk. And who can’t appreciate that?   

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